Acquiring Turkish residence permit:

Foreigners desiring to reside in Turkey must secure residence permit. The application process for residence permit in Turkey can be intricate, given the complexities of bureaucracy, language barriers, and paperwork. We assess the expatriate’s current visa status and streamline the procedure by liaising with the relevant authorities for the acquisition of residence permit. A foreigner can obtain residence permit by purchasing a property for $200,000, obtaining a work permit, or enrolling in a university.

Assistance with Local Address Registration

Upon entering Turkey, foreigners holding permits are obligated to record their addresses on the Address Registration System. We provide support to expatriates in the completion of this registration process.

Acquiring Turkish citizenship:

Advantages of Turkish citizenship through investment:

Turkey is strategically located as a hub between Europe, Asia and Africa offering strong market links and connections for travel and trade. It presents significant advantages for individuals seeking citizenship and residency through investment. Turkish citizenship grants the freedom to reside, work, or study within the country. The Turkish passport facilitates travel to 125 countries and territories globally, encompassing over 24% of the world’s GDP and 37% of popular travel destinations. As a Turkish citizen, acquiring a Schengen visa for European travel is a straightforward process, and there is no minimum stay requirement for those with citizenship through investment.

Additionally, Turkey has entered into E2 Visa Treaty Agreement with the United States. This agreement allows Turkish citizens, who have lived in Turkey for a minimum of three years, to apply for a non-immigrant visa by establishing or investing in an existing business in the US.

Key Benefits of Acquiring Turkish citizenship :

  1. Full family qualification, including dependent children and spouse.
  2. Residence, work, and study privileges within Turkey.
  3. Passport with visa-free access to 125 destinations.
  4. Simplified process for obtaining a Schengen visa for European travel.
  5. Opportunity to apply for a USA E2 Visa (requires 3 years of residency).
  6. No minimum stay requirement.

Foreigners can acquire Turkish citizenship by either purchasing property worth a minimum of $400,000 or investing $500,000 in a Turkish bank. It is important to note that the acquired property will be subject to government mortgage for a period of 3 years. Similarly, in the case of bank investments, the individual’s funds will be locked in the bank for a duration of 3 years.

The process of obtaining citizenship through property purchase in Turkey takes 5 to 7 months.

– If individuals have acquired citizenship through the purchase of a property, they cannot use this property for Turkish citizenship purposes within three years. During this three-year period, the property cannot be transferred to a foreign national with the intention of obtaining citizenship, and furthermore, a foreign national cannot reapply for citizenship on the same property.

– Inclusion of Spouse’s Name in Property Deed for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

To acquire Turkish citizenship through property investment, It is sufficient for the purchased property to be registered in the name of either the husband or the wife for both to be eligible for citizenship along with their children under 18. Global Kadro Company can assist in this process, requiring only one visit to Turkey. A power of attorney can be prepared during the visit and granted to the company’s attorneys. You can stay abroad until your citizenship is granted, and your passport and ID card are ready.

Possibility of Changing Name After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Upon obtaining Turkish citizenship, individuals have the advantage of changing their names and surnames. During the citizenship application, an individual can entirely choose a new name and present it to the issuing authority for the issuance of a passport. This includes the ability to change the names of their children in line with the country they have acquired citizenship from.

Residence and Citizenship for Children Under 18 in Case of Parental Separation

If parents are separated, and they have a minor child under the age of 18, and custody is granted to one of the parents, that child may have the opportunity to obtain residence or citizenship in Turkey. However, for this matter, there must be documents and evidences that prove the spouse entirely agrees that he or she does not live with the child. Additionally, all divorce and marriage documents must be present in court.

Obtaining Citizenship of Another Country After Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

If you intend to acquire citizenship of any other country apart from Turkey, Turkey does not pose any obstacles to this matter and there is no issue with obtaining citizenship of a second or more countries.

Turkey’s laws in this regard are different, and you will be able to travel to and from this country with passports from other countries. For example, if you have German citizenship or enter Turkey with your old Turkish citizenship, the Turkish government will not object, and there will be no problem with your third and fourth citizenships. In general, obtaining Turkish citizenship will not hinder obtaining citizenship of other countries.

If a divorce occurs during the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, what is the solution?

Individuals who are in the process of acquiring citizenship and have submitted documents for citizenship will not inform the Turkish government of the divorce until they provide divorce documents. The Turkish government remains unaware of this event, and the citizenship acquisition process continues until the individuals receive their citizenship and visit the civil registry office. They are still considered husband and wife, but consequences will arise during the division of inheritance since the Turkish government should decide on that.

The correct approach is to promptly inform the specialized office once the divorce process is completed. Along with declaring your request, it may be necessary to restart your file. You need to submit a new application to the specialized office and explain that you were married when you applied for citizenship, and now you are separated from each other, providing divorce documents with this application.

In this case, an individual who obtained Turkish citizenship through a marital relationship may lose their citizenship.

How to Cancel Turkish Citizenship Application?

As you are aware, purchasing property is one of the best methods to obtain residence and citizenship in Turkey. Individuals who have acquired citizenship through this method must retain the property for up to three years and refrain from selling it. If, for any reason, an individual decides to withdraw their application for Turkish citizenship, there is no impediment. They can proceed to cancel their citizenship by approaching the government and following the legal procedures.