Trademark Registration in Turkey:

Trademark registration involves protecting the distinctive symbols, logos, names, and other identifiers associated with a product or service. It includes procedures such as : Search and Analysis, Application Preparation , Examination and Publication , Registration Certificate. According to Turkish law, it is possible to register a Trademark in Turkey without the need for company registration. In fact, registering a company is not required for the registration of a Trademark , and the process is both feasible and international.

Trademark Registration involves providing the necessary documents for the initial registration. After approximately 5 months, you will receive an email confirming or rejecting your application. Following the initial approval, the certificate will be issued after 7 months. This is why registering a Trademark in Turkey is considered time-consuming. After Trademark registration, you can check the status on the website of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

If your application is rejected, you have the option to file an objection, which incurs a fee. Keep in mind that if your application is rejected, the fee is non-refundable.

There is another way of Trademark Registration which is according to Madrid Agreement:

According to the Paris Convention, international trademark registration refers to the registration of a brand in convention member countries. In the past, if someone needed to register a trademark in multiple countries, he or she had to register the brand separately in each country, incurring significant costs. Documents needed to be translated individually for each country, which was time-consuming.

A treaty called the Paris Convention, later known as the Madrid Agreement, was established. According to this treaty, by registering a brand with Madrid, you register it once, and it becomes acceptable and registered in all member countries.

In Turkey, you can also proceed with the registration through Madrid. To register with Madrid system in Turkey, you first need to apply for registration through the Trademark Office of the country of origin and specify the desired countries.

The cost of Madrid registration is structured in a way that involves an initial fixed fee, and for each country in which you intend to register the brand, a variable fee is added.

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